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Etereo N60

The first integral bone conduction hearing aid

Overseas export products

Is effective for preventing ear diseases
including tympanitis which can occur while using the
existing hearing aids by using it with opened ears.

Advantages of the bone conduction system

Being used while your
ears are opened.

Advantageous for
recognizing sounds
around you.

Can safely be
used during all
kinds of activities.

Is helpful for preventing
hearing loss by reducing
veardrum irritation.


N60 hearing aid


USB C-Type Cable

Product warranty, manual

Dedicated APP
Serial Number

Bluetooth version 5
Range of use 10m
speaker PureVibe Transducers
Frequency response range 20Hz~20KHz
Speaker sensitivity 100±3dB
battery 3.7v, 250mAh
Charging cable USB C-Type
Continuous playback 6Hours
Hearing aid use time 6Hours
Charging time 2Hours